PART 1, September 14-16, 2020, Clear what no longer serves you

PART 2, March 20-22, 2021, Soul Clarity

PART 3, October 15-17, 2021, Creating Higher Futures



Number of participants is limited.


Exchange: CHF 390

If the global situation invites us to work online together the price will be CHF 350.

Email me to sign up and for payment instructions. 

Begins: March 20, 2021, 4PM
Ends: March 22, midday

Schweibenalp, Center of  Unity, Bernese Highlands, Switzerland


Schweibenalp accommodates seminar participants, vegetarian full-board, get in touch with to book a room.  
So, you book the seminar with me and the accomoccation with them.

Learn Quick Relief Methods (QRMs) when "intensity" grabs you!

is part 2 of
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3 days of deepening our soul clarity through practice and training.

Our soul is the main driver in our hologram. Reacquainting ourselves with soul is a vital aspect of our evolution on earth and in fact a great cleanser. Not soul as a loose concept but as our unique and intimate power, as our oldest part that roars and does all it can to be heard by us. Have you ever heard your soul sing? Or felt it shine like a millions stars at once? It is no small thing.

Yes, this life is a hologram and we own it. Meaning, with every decision we make, every thought we choose and every emotion we allow ourselves to run through us, we create our (quantum) reality. 

 So, let's declutter our consciousness and clear our unconscious. Steadily, daily, moment by moment, so we can access the brilliance and the clarity that sits underneath it all brimming with impatience. And then we go and enact this in our lives and for the world. Making conscious decisions as we move on. 


The goal of this seminar or training is to clear up the old and reconnect to the deep truth, your unique dream that soul pushes relentlessly through our heart portal. 

We will be partnering with our spirit teams. It is essential to work with our entourage to remain on track and even to speed up our soul evolution. We can tell them what we need at all times, they're only job is to listen and to serve in our best interest. Isn't that AWESOME!

This seminar will effect major shifts in your electromagnetic field and uplevel your DNA as we will reprogram our cells into higher light consciousness. The effect is greater inner stability and joy for life. Clearing of shadow and healing. 


We will repeat and deepen the techniques for energy healing, psychic hygiene and soul acceleration from part 1, and engage in more and new play... 

Take home easy to use

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Learn easy techniques and processes to strengthen your inner platform, your POWERFUL CREATOR SELF. Learn to release old stuff that is stuck in your cells, DNA, light bodies, and your unconscious. This goes well beyond emotional wounding in this lifetime into your soul histories. 80% of all data that you carry in your electromagnetics is not from this life time. 



We all have busy and often complex lives. We often don't take the time to discern and rebalance from our experiences. Negative experience is low vibrational and sticky for our electromagnetics. This affects our feeling state and our thinking style. Life starts to feel heavy or is just not going where we want it to go. 

In my 10 years experience in dealing with data in our electromagnetics, I found proof every day for how crucial it is that we clear and cleanse old stuff in our being. To remain fresh and positive and healthy. Energy clearing should be part of every person's daily hygiene routine.


Sounds time-consuming? That is just a thought. Clearing in the quantum is precise and can be super fast. Using our tools routinely literally turns our lives around. We create shortcuts for our ourselves, when we start to take action from heart clarity.

This unique and exclusive training for the Schweibenalp benefits anyone at any age (16 years and above) and no pre-knowledge of any kind is necessary. It is your willingness that counts and your pure intention. 

We will use deep silence as an access point to scan our Selves and to connect to higher help for immediate and effective clearing cooperation.


In a context of joy and curiosity, we will inquire together what we experience to deepen the learning effect. There will be ample time for questions.

Single processes and techniques will be repeated for you to practice in depth.

I am looking forward,

Love and Light, till soon!