Love and this Universe

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Online Zoom Workshop, 7-8.30PM, CHF 25/USD 25

What we touch with love changes back into its original vibration of light, love and intelligence. Isn’t that exciting…this is our power in this universe of light and shadow! 

The experience we are in is this learning curve of learning to choose love and really to BE LOVE. In opposition to any other feeling or choice there might be. Quite simple, no? It would be, had we not been trained by others and ourselves to move away from this knowing. Trained into trauma and separation…healing and the practice of self-love are deeply needed. 

I am a bit unusual in that I am passed up higher and higher very fast by healer teams and creator beings who show me how the layers of this universe are endlessly reaching up.  I assume this is because deep inside of my Self, in my freedom, I long for full empowerment...there is a choosing beyond fear in me to go for full realisation and completion. This urgent longing is a soul choice...does this resonate for you?

We will practice to be in these higher layers and to clear shadow so we can raise up more easily. So the height of love can touch us every day. This is a volition. This is something we do deliberately from a place inside ourselves that IS HUNGRY TO KNOW, TO CONNECT UP…

Ultimately, the pull is to create a higher parallel universe for ourselves that we walk in… science slowly can accept this too: universes exist parallel to each other, we can morph from one into the other.. if we shift our personal frequency, we open up another universe. As we raise our light, we move up into creator being vibration, god vibration, supreme love vibration. We begin to realise that realities are forming matched to the frequency inside of us. We pull in more of what we carry in us. WOW! What else is wise than to make clearing and lifting our inner state an immediate priority. 

  • How is this universe set up? 

  • What role does love play in this universe and what is the play with shadow about?

  • What is our role, the humans, in all of this? And let me tell you it is enormous!

  • We will go deep into the heart to see what we can melt away NOW that might have lingered there for thousands of life times. At this time on earth, we all bring in the heavy rucksack of wounding and trauma…let’s love it up!

  • We will practice staying fear-free at a moment of existential pressure.

Love and light...I am so excited to explore this with you on 12.12. 


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