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Golden Leadership

This is it. This is the time we have waited for. A vast space for new perspectives and creative solutions has opened up on earth. This transition is demanding full clarity and release of everything that is old from us. Find rock solid stability within you to be creative, flexibel and soul-confident—no matter what. 
To teach Golden Leadership is my main frame of reference for all my work at the moment. Teaching means to inspire the highest ambition in someone. 
During the Monthly Live Calls we upgrade and heal the information in us and top-up our light. We work with higher healing tribes and Creator Beings. Speciality here is the questions and answer part where we can dig into a topic a bit deeper. 


Every Sunday at 7PM (Zurich time), we gather online to support the current energy changes on the planet. We clear our cells and participate in the golden rebranding of Mother earth into a higher consciousness reality. We visualize and create the results that matter to us in this time, week after week, for our lives and the planet.  This is a light and colorful process meditation. 

We will tap into Golden Leadership practices and processes at the 3-day seminar in the Schweibenalp, Center for Unity, Switzerland,  this September. Learn practical techniques for your every day life to remain clear and focused as love energy. 

A small group of people is going to be invited to be coached into higher leadership and soul-confidence later this year. Please get in touch if you'd like to hear more. 

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Lillian Fellmann



Higher Light Initiate

Energy Healer

Craniosacral Therapy

Somato-Emotional Release

Human Rights Expert

"It's high time we remembered what we are. So we can turn the camera around and start to create our lives from the inside out. It is a higher fact of life on earth that we came here with a plan. And one thing must be crystal clear by now, we are the ones we have waited for!"

The earth is changing rapidly, undoing
its old and dysfunctional structures.
So are we! We wouldn't be here, had we not chosen to clear large amounts of data in all the layers of our being. 


This big clearing is not a recipe for paradise just yet.
Rather, these shifts can be felt acutely in our physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Our souls push hard to expand and evolve. Everything that no longer serves wants to be freed in the light of awareness. Give yourself permission to transmute it all.

What are the higher facts that can guide us now?
What conscious choices can we take to lead happy and fulfilled lives--for our highest good and the highest good of all?

  1. All is energy, we are energy. (sub-atomically there is only vibration and frequency, higher and higher levels of light and love, intelligence and authority)

  2. All energy is one. (principle of non-locality in quantum physics or the unity of consciousness, which the mind cannot experience)

  3. Every thought creates. Did you hear this? 
    If we want to be happy and free to live in a more healthy and just world, we must practice purity of thought. Non-judgement, compassion, deep respect and love for our ever-evolving Selves, and the world around us. 

  4. We are universal beings, earth is home but for a while. Choose to empower this fact, try to elevate your time here. 

  5. Time and space are within. Get to know your inner being, you as soul, your personal longing, your gifts and talents.

Maybe you knew all this, maybe something in you urges for more than what you were told. Maybe you are reading this because you simply look for help where you haven't looked before.

Welcome, welcome, welcome—your healing and your evolution just kick-started a gear higher!


When we know that we create our dysfunctions through our thoughts and beliefs, must we then not be very happy to also know that we can choose to think, believe and create differently, for our highest good and the highest good of all?

Secondly, when we remember that we chose our initiations on earth long before we got here, challenges become well-chosen gifts and we respond with grace and flexibility. 

“All healing takes place in the universe.”

For our healing, it is highly beneficial to expand our perspective beyond this life's events. The self-programming we undertook in all our parallel (some call them past) lives, plays into our current awareness to a very high degree. All parallel experiences influence our here and now, the lessons we choose, the illnesses we undergo, as well as our healing path—it is all ours to see, to enlighten and to transform. We are the alchemists we have waited for. 


As a multidimensional facilitator and energy healer, I intend to bring people together whose souls push hard towards self-realisation. Realising the Self means to BE OUR FREE POWER SELF and to BE LOVE against all circumstances. People who are hungry to remember and re-experience the higher facts of life and to practice them. We all deserve this, you deserve this: to claim back your light with FULL FORCE. I am welcoming people of all ages, social or ethnic backgrounds. Consciousness holds us all in oneness. Expressing in an uncountable variety of light and shadow play in this universe. 


"Her powers are unreal. She helped me and my family to clear out old fear and emotional patterns."

Jennifer Aitchinson Robb, England



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