In a Full Alignment Session the intention is set on clearing all that holds you back and to activate what it is you came for in this life time.  

Each time we meet you undergo a transformational process of upgrading your personal hologram and DNA template to its highest energy potential. As everything shifts and births itself anew at all times, so do you. Clearing and upgrading never stops, we are coded into evolution. You experience advanced mechanics and the higher science of upgrading your personal field and energy signature to the level of entering flow. That state where you are able to manifest your intentions effortlessly and easily. You enter the space of PRACTICAL MAGIC.


  • I help you achieve real tangible results fast because you will be vibrating and moving differently through the unified field, at a new frequency.

  • I help you to self-identify patterns before they play out and teach you how to clear programming yourself so you are empowered to do it on your own. 

  • I support you by helping more energy and higher light into your multidimensional anatomy to bring more dimensions of consciousness through your DNA template and rewire your electromagnetic fields, densities and meridians so your entire energetic systems can handle more light current and life force. 

  • By helping you to align yourself with your mission in the higher realms, you will bring forward the energetic template needed to manifest your vision of a healthier life and world. 


Exchange for one session CHF333 

If this resonates, trust your intuition that guided you here. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Maybe you are ready for a deep shift in your life, then my MENTORING offer might be something for you. Most people come to an alignment session first to get to know my style. Nothing is written in stone, though. To get an idea please read through the INDIVIDUAL MENTORING programme here.