Healing is Choice

The most important choice is for you to choose you. To listen to your intuition and to take steps towards your healing. This is what got you here, congrats!

From here follows the choice to remember all of what you are. And the choice to release and transmute everything that holds you back and makes you feel heavy, confused or in pain. Let's rewrite your light data and DNA. Moment by moment...beginning now!

Exchange for 45 Minutes of clearing and activating your higher codes and future time lines is CHF 150. This is purely remote work or through zoom/Signal/Threema call. 

Sessions in person in Interlaken or Bern exchange for 45-60 Minutes for CHF200.
Such a HEALING session does not have the width and depth of a FULL ALIGNMENT SESSION. We can call it a powerful cell memory wash to accelerate your healing.

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