"Lillian works like a light surgeon. She goes directly to the place where the psychic pain sits. Wonderous."

SK, Vienna, Cultural Manager


My focus is the release of soul wounding and early disturbances in our energy fields, our electromagnetics and our aura. With my work, I want to help humanity to remember what we are, so that we can enjoy our lives moment by moment in the knowing that we create and can alchemise EVERYTHING.

I offer a space of love, joy and upgrading light. 

As an energy healer and multidimensional facilitator using high frequency light, I seek to release and relax your subliminal, so that your consciousness and unconscious can unwind, your feeling state frees up and your thoughts  expand, your body heals—you start to remember yourself as the endless creator that you are, feeling vast and in the flow of love.

My work harnesses the POWER of the Senior Creator Beings in the upper levels of this and other universes, and I collaborate with many healer tribes in my sessions.


TO REMOVE WHAT IS NOT YOURS. Data is being shifted, rewired and pulled out with speed and precision. This is quite mechanical work, while the space of healing is being held with higher love, compassion and care.


TO UPGRADE WHAT IS YOURS. Higher soul consciousness is reactivated through this clearing. A clean auric field and light substrata empowers us to create from a strong inner place of being.


AND TO RECONNECT YOU WITH ALL THAT IS PURE LOVE AND LIGHT to strengthen your Soul Evolution here on planet earth, and as soul beyond this life-time.  

Life Body Session | Scanning and energy healing on the body; longer sessions are sometimes needed. In my praxis rooms in Interlaken and Bern, Switzerland.

Remote Healing, Reading & Transmuting | Remote reading and energy healing using the full name and birth date. This reading may include past, present, and future.


Psychic Consultation | One full hour or half an hour of responding to questions— personal, business, future, health, etc. 

When we clear out shadow and transmute our wounding, we gain soul clarity. Our life force can flow. We listen to soul, that wise and ancient part of us that knows exactly why it is here. 

I charge 120 CHF energetic exchange for 60 min. 


Remote, on the phone or through ZOOM. 

Email me to book a session. You will then receive a payment link in your email. It is important that you have made your payment before the session starts, or pay the Life Session in person before the session begins.

Additional payments for extra time needed are expected on the same day. 

By booking with me, you automatically accept these rules of conduct. 


Coaching is a powerful way to advance your evolution. You give yourself the gift of partnership and loving attention while you move through major changes in your life. I take you by the hand, and we walk your path together for a while, choice after choice after choice. 


We discuss your coaching needs together before I write up a plan.


The coaching phase can have any length between 1 week and 3 months.

The coaching path often entails daily short exchanges, guided healing meditation and processes to respond immediately and often IN THE MOMENT when a shift occurs in you, to answer questions and to release what wants to leave you; on the phone, online or in person. When we start to clear out and remember our full and loving self, a lot of data is being unearthed. It is very practical and useful to give attention to shifting information right away, to learn to follow and guide the energy.  

You learn

to transmute negativity when it shows and while taken by the hand;

to clear data from old wounding without having to go into old pain;

to distinguish between what IS and what IS NOT in order to strengthen your inner platform stability;

to activate higher light levels in you to pump up your light quotient. 


The coaching phase can include live healing sessions and longer processes over the phone or online too.