How often do you meet Your Self in the freedom of your full being? How often do you withdraw to listen to what your heart needs to make a wise choice?

My work is all about that. Showing you how to self-respect your might being and to relax in the knowing that what comes our way, is our choosing. We can learn to make higher choices. So we can be happy, healthy and curious in life. 

Old wounds and negative convictions cut us off from our own wisdom and creative powers. Mental and emotional patterns limit our soul growth. Our light bodies mirror this distortion back into our physical where dysfunctions, depression and dis-ease follow. 

It is a volition to find back into freedom. Which means into the full mastery of our lives in order to control it from the heart. It is a practice, one could say. A willingness, a dedication. And it is exciting to remember what we are.


I have been trained to hold the space for others to clear illusions, wounding and programming. As a multidimensional facilitator, I read and guide the complex systems of energy data that move in and around us.


The work I do demands your full cooperation, while I feel honoured to walk with you a part of your path. 

"What happens in the universe happens to you. What happens to you, happens to all of us. So make your Self a priority, we are all grateful for it."

Remote online sessions are possible, as well as physical meetings in Interlaken or Bern. 

Please email me with your name and birthdate, so I can do a first scan connecting with your personal frequency code before we meet online or in person. I will call you back or email you for a first appointment or online conversation.