"Lillian works like a light surgeon. She goes directly to the place where the psychic pain sits. Wonderous."

Sabine, Vienna

"I felt heavily depressed when I met Lillian. Within the first session she opened up a part of me that I didn't even know I had. My energy bit after bit came back as she cleared my unconscious session after session."

Ruth, Switzerland

As an energy healer and multidimensional facilitator using high frequency light, I seek to release and relax your subliminal, so that your consciousness and unconscious can unwind. Your feeling state frees up and your thoughts  expand, your body heals—you start to remember yourself as the creator that you are.  Everything feels simpler and possible!

My work harnesses the POWER of the Senior Creator Beings in the upper levels of this and other universes, and I collaborate with many healer tribes in my sessions. This is deep work in our soul history, not just the surface of this life. 

"The time you spend in front of your spirit tutors – that is your soul evolution time…. "


TO REMOVE WHAT IS NOT YOURS. Data is being shifted, rewired and pulled out with speed and precision. This is quite mechanical work, while the space of healing is being held with higher love, compassion and care.


TO UPGRADE WHAT IS YOURS. Higher soul consciousness is reactivated through this clearing. A clean auric field and light substrata empowers us to create from a strong inner place of being.


AND TO RECONNECT YOU WITH ALL THAT IS PURE LOVE AND LIGHT to strengthen your Soul Evolution here on planet earth, and as soul beyond this life-time.  

I suggest 120 CHF energetic exchange for 60 min. 


Remote, on the phone or through ZOOM. Or in my praxis in Interlaken, Switzerland, or at my sister's Frauenpraxis in Bern, Switzerland. 

Email me to book a session

By booking with me, you automatically accept these rules of conduct: to pay before or during the session, unless otherwise agreed by me. 

"Keeping yourself in a higher reality force field, is the number one skill for your life forward. This is really important, as a daily routine. To attract a higher life. It needs to be maintained. Any time you feel you are slipping, just show up and request a clearing and rewiring to build your light again. It is a process it is a strategy. Your decision has to be engaged. It does not just happen to you!"


Coaching is a powerful way to advance your evolution fast and taylor-cut to your goals and desires. You give yourself the gift of partnership and loving attention while you move through major changes in your life. I take you by the hand, and we walk your path together for a while, choice after choice after choice. 


We carefully discuss your coaching needs before I write up a plan.


This plan can include live healing sessions, as well as techniques and tools that we can practice through zoom or over the phone. The coaching phase can have any length between 3 days and 3 months. Inquire more here lillian.fellmann@gmail.com