[MASTER CLASS] is a physical event. Held in German and English. 

These events are mentored and guided by Lillian Fellmann. 

In a [MASTER CLASS] we work on regaining mastery in our lives. 
So we can make conscious decisions based on our inner knowing of what and who we are.

  • We re-activate our skill base of observing our Selves, meaning our consciousness of love and light. This observing and meeting with our true Selves takes place in our full being and not in our head.

  • We melt away layers upon layers of 'bad training' which has caused pain and separation—even from ourselves.

  • We practice cooperation with higher energies to hold light against all shadow. By upgrading our light we gain a new level of authority and mastery in our lives. 

Any level of inquiry is welcome. 
This [MASTER CLASS] can speed you up, if you give yourself permission to do so. 

Upcoming Workshop:

Light Changes Everything 

January 26, 2020, 11-4/5PM

  • Get to know your inner spaciousness to release subliminal tension and trauma

  • Practice clearing old data

  • Meet Your Mentor Team

  • Learn to cooperate with the mighty water being and increase the vibrational health in you and on the planet

This unique [MASTER CLASS] training can be purchased between Jan 20-22, 2020. 


Max. 10 participants

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Licht Veraendert Alles

26. Januar 2020, 11-16/17 Uhr​

  • Lerne deinen inneren Raum und dein unendlich weites Sein kennen, um tiefsitzenden Stress und Traum aufzuweichen

  • Praktiziere das Klären von alten Daten

  • Arbeite mit deinem Mentoren Team

  • Kooperiere mit dem mächtigen Wasser-Wesen und erhöhe so die Schwingung in dir und auf diesem Planeten

Dieses [MASTER CLASS] Training kann vom Jan 20-22, 2020,  

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