We have reached mastery...when we have comfortably closed the gap between our etheric,cosmic  Self, our Soul, and our human persona.

[MASTER CLASS] is a physical event held in German and English. 

These classes are mentored by Lillian Fellmann. 

[MASTER CLASS] offers a relaxed context of practice, satsang and shared exploration in self-mastery in order to release fear and to regain positive control over our lives. We re-activate our skill base to live as creator beings.


  • meet your vast and limitless Self

  • strengthen your inner platform to expand and relax your perspective on yourself and your life

  • melt away old wounding to un-block your creative powers and your self-love

  • practice universal cooperation to speed up your healing and that of the planet

This [MASTER CLASS] can accelerate and lift your soul evolution onto a new level if you give yourself permission to do so.

All levels of experience welcome.


"I left the workshop feeling extremely light. I take with me 
lots of new information, some of it I hope to apply in my job."

NW, military police, Jan 2020

"I could clear new layers of old self-limitation--they seem to keep coming; I leave again confirmed and happier."
EE, medical doctor, Oct 2019

Upcoming Workshop

Lightness & Abundance 

May, 2020, 11-16/17 Uhr​

Get to know your inner spaciousness to release subliminal tension and trauma

Practice clearing old data in your cells and light bodies

Meet Your Spirit Mentor Team & upper level Creator Beings

Learn techniques to unlock abundance consciousness in us


Unique [MASTER CLASS] for people who want to gain clarity and leadership in their lives NOW.

Secure your space, maximum 8 people : Pre-Sign Up by sending me an email/WhatsApp. 

Costs: CHF250-200,  sliding scale, min CHF 200.
Pay on the day or transfer AHEAD OF TIME by


OCT 2019: Release What No Longer Serves You

JAN 2020: Light Changes Everything