We have reached mastery when we have comfortably closed the gap between our etheric,cosmic  Self, and our human persona.

[MASTER CLASS] is a physical event held in German and English. 

These classes are mentored by Lillian Fellmann. 

[MASTER CLASS] offers a relaxed context of practice, satsang and shared exploration in self-mastery in order to release fear and to regain positive control over our lives. We re-activate our skill base to live as creator beings.


  • meet your vast and limitless Self

  • strengthen your inner platform to expand and relax your perspective on yourself and your life

  • melt away old wounding to un-block your creative powers and your self-love

  • practice universal cooperation to speed up your healing and that of the planet

This [MASTER CLASS] can accelerate and lift your soul evolution onto a new level if you give yourself permission to do so.

All levels of experience welcome.


"I left the workshop feeling extremely light. I take with me 
lots of new information, some of it I hope to apply in my job."

NW, military police, Jan 2020

"I could clear new layers of old self-limitation--they seem to keep coming; I leave again confirmed and happier."
EE, medical doctor, Oct 2019

Reboot and Upgrade with these  techniques
Get to know your inner spaciousness
Release subliminal tension and trauma

Learn to clear old data in your cells and light bodies

Meet Your Spirit Mentor Team & upper level Creator Beings

Unlock abundance consciousness in you



OCT 2019: Release What No Longer Serves You

JAN 2020: Light Changes Everything