Golden Leadership

Online retreat—
Friday to Sunday, June 5-7, 2020

Colorful Bird

Clear the obstacles in your unconscious to activate abundance & lightness in your life. It all begins with upgrading your beliefs about what you are and what you deserve...when this is clear and the data cleared in your electromagnetics and light-webbed fabric everything changes!

Your soul wants to remember how to run your personal hologram, to control it from love as love and light. To figure this out, is your job in this life-time. Quantum physicists know this (without understanding it), that we create what we choose. That we influence the quantum particles with our unconscious and conscious.

The goal of this retreat is for you to experience and deeply understand why keeping your aura clear is the #1 skill to train yourself in! Explore your sovereign you in these 3 days!

This retreat melts together the higherfacts formats of [MASTER CLASS], Live teaching [ONLINE WORKSHOP] and [SUNDAYZ] into something NEW….and I am so excited to explore this with you.


Friday, June 5, 7PM-8.15PM
Live teaching [ONLINE WORKSHOP]

Learn how working with light is connected to your authority in life. Now hear this: We are here to pump up our light quotient to a level of intelligence where we start to remember how to shape our realities! In full abundance. We will talk about and practice soul level intelligence, preferences, choice within the quantum hologram and the need to stay stable in the light against a force that is trying to shut us down. This will prepare us for the two days that follow. 


Saturday, June 6, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM

Sunday, June 7, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM


3 (one every hour) light infusions, impulses and deep clearing techniques on abundance and authority, 15-30 minutes per practice.


Sunday, June 7, 7-8PM


Practicing personal & global leadership, we work with highest level spirit technicians to mend our wiring and reach deep into our light-webbed wave motion data. This clearing work is mechanical  and immediate—let's face it, it comes with a speed and precision we could not reach on our own. When our soul self light shines strong and unhindered in the unified field of all existence, planetary healing feels natural and is greatly desired. 


Cost: 3 days, CHF 111 
(Includes audio of the session on Friday and Sunday evening ONLY. You will have the option in your zoom settings to record the entire event or parts of it as you choose.)


*SPECIAL OFFER: If you are a SUNDAYZ regular (attended 2 sessions or more), you pay only CHF 99 for 3 days of self-clearing training.*

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I will then receive your email address and send you all the Zoom links for the 3 days.
Plus suggested preparations and reminders for an optimal retreat experience on your end.

Love and light for now!

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