For the new children I am the way shower.

I gently guiding them in from many universes and helping them to feel safe here, so they can share their unique, stellar and star-seeded gifts. We need them on earth. And they all come in with a plan. 

It's the love of these children that will be the bringer of the dawn, 2027 and on.


Are you a rainbow child, with your antenna wide open to the universe and all the beings on earth? Do you sometimes or always feel in the wrong place, especially at school, or so completely different from how you are "supposed to tick"? Are you a mum of a cosmically open child, a child that you know is perfect and beautiful but the collective, the schools, other family members, has a hard time seeing your child in its completeness? Maybe all is fine and you are anchored into the trust that all is aligned and would like to exchange with other kids, mums, dads or carers? 

Beautiful as it is, some energies/habits on this planet can prove tricky to acquaint to when we come from somewhere completely else. I am not from around here, either, so I understand. I am very much looking froward to hearing your story!


At our First Place, our Motherhouse in Interlaken, we are forming a platform for exchange with and for rainbow kids, cosmically conscious children of all age. We are physically present and happy to sit down with you and have a talk. We also wish for a global exchange and are collecting email addresses before we'll have our first online community call this summer. 

Email to